Introduction to the HRTec Assessment System

An overview on how the HAS can support and contribute to your organization.

What is organizational climate and does it matter?

An overview on why your organizational climate matters to you.

What is our approach to organizational assessment & change?

An overview on how we approach an assessment & how it can drive positive change.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

How far along is your organization with its DEIA initiatives, and how can you further promote inclusion within your organization?

DEIA in the workplace are among the most important topics facing HR, employees, recruiting professionals, and organizational leaders.

HRTec continues to improve upon our assessment factors and support services for the workforce: our All-In@Work DEIA assessment tool is a great way to begin conversations about DEIA and improve your understanding of employees’ perceptions on these important topics.

All-In@Work DEIA
Assessment Services Designed To Empower Your Organization

Having trouble assessing your climate?

The success of an organization rests on the collective atmosphere, attitudes, values, and behaviors of its employees. It is the responsibility of every leader, manager, and employee to actively cultivate and maintain a positive workplace climate. At HRTec, we provide assessment services designed to empower your organization’s transformation into a more supportive and engaging workplace.

Through our services, we precisely identify impact areas that drive desired outcomes. Additionally, we can pinpoint crucial data and key performance indicators. Working together, we can establish meaningful goals and connect them to actionable plans, ensuring continuous progress and growth.

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