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The HAS can provide your organization with various ways to enhance organizational climate using proven methods. Learn More Today!
a Support for Military Command Climate HRTec Continues to Support Military Command Climate Initiatives through the HAS and its team of experienced personnel. Learn More! a We Make It Easy We have experienced personnel standing by to walk your team through the entire process or any area of your choice​. Learn More Support for Federal Agencies and Commissions Support for Federal Agencies and Commissions HRTec Continues to Provide Customizable Survey Solutions Designed Specifically to Support Employee and Agency Success. Learn More

Introduction to the HRTec Assessment System (HAS)

An overview on how the HAS can support and contribute to your organization.

What is organizational climate and does it matter?

An overview on why your organizational climate matters to you.

What is our approach to organizational assessment and change?

An overview on how we approach an assessment & how it can drive positive change.

Process Hex 1 Our Process HAS is a full 8-step process for assessing your organization’s climate. This begins with the needs assessment to identify your organizations goals.
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Services Data 1 It's Your Choice Our services are offered through a full 8-step process or as à la carte… you get to choose what will work for you and your organization.
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