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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information and insight about HAS.

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  • What is the HRTEC Assessment System (HAS)?

    The HAS is an 8-step process for assessing your organization’s climate. Its multi-use platform provides various tools and options, like on-line surveys, comment analysis, focus group/personal interviews, etc… to be used in support of your organization’s assessment process. The HAS presents a secure and flexible approach to all aspects of this process that can be customized to your organization’s specific needs and goals.

  • What can the HAS provide?

    The HAS can provide your organization with options and various ways to enhance organizational climate using proven methods. Whether your organization is looking to simply gather quick data using a pulse survey or conduct a comprehensive assessment on all personal and sections within your organization. We have experienced personnel standing by to walk your team through any areas of your choosing or the entire process.

  • What type of assessment products are available from HAS?

    The HAS can provide multiple types of surveys, each designed to assist you in gathering the specific data needed to improve your organization’s mission​. HRTec offers various types of surveys including a workforce climate survey, customized/tailored surveys, and rapid response/pulse/exit surveys.

  • What kind of assistance does the HAS provide?

    Throughout the lifecycle of the assessment process, customers receive access to an experienced PhD-level team of people analytics data scientists and psychometricians to help them understand what they may want to evaluate, how to interpret and use the results, and what their next steps should be. The HAS can assist with or conduct focus groups/personal interviews, data analytics, comment analysis, and result out-briefs to provide additional context and to inform on possible action planning or follow-on steps taken to achieve organizational objectives.

  • What factors/topics can be address within the HAS?

    The HAS offers numerous statistically tested and validated factors essentially including, Autonomy, Resilience, Engagement, Feedback, Inclusion, Group Voice, Justice, Goal Orientation, Group Cohesion, Safety, Perceived Organizational Support, Service, Diversity, Ethical Climate, Perceptions of Discrimination, Job Satisfaction, Leadership Cohesion, Work Group Effectiveness, Trust in the Organization, Organizational Commitment, Racist Behaviors, Positive EO Behavior, Differential Command Behavior and Sexual Harassment. Additionally, if your organization is interested in other factors not listed, we can research that subject, create, test and evaluate items or factors prior to use.

  • How many factors/topics can an organization select for their assessment?

    There is no limit, and it really depends on your organization’s needs and what type of survey you would like to use. The requesting organization can select one or two factors to gather some quick data using a pulse survey. You can use multiple factors to gather more data and conduct a more comprehensive assessment. We also offer factors that can be used to follow up on the Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (DEOCS) or Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVs) as needed.

  • Is the HAS customizable?

    Yes, in addition to being able to select established factors and the length of your survey, the HAS allows organizations to add locally developed questions and short answer or open-ended questions to their assessment which can help to target specific areas of concern. Established question banks can assist organizational leaders select from already written questions or organizations can create their own (with complementary review from experienced assessment analysts).

  • Are our surveys and data secure?

    Yes, the HAS provides a high level of confidence in security of information. HRTec operates a DoD, DHS, and GSA endorsed/approved FedRAMP High Baseline Infrastructure and Platform as a service solution that provides our customers with a Confidentiality HIGH, Integrity HIGH, and Availability HIGH secure environment.

  • How flexible is the HAS?

    The HAS platform can be scaled for large organization-wide climate surveys, or it can be used to collect a quick pulse of employees’ perceptions through mini and micro-surveys. Items can be tailored to situational requirements/needs and HRTec offers the ability to validate new items​. All surveys can be completed using an employee’s home/work computer or any smart device, tablet/smart phone, are also compatible with any browser, and require no application download or client installation. All surveys can be conducted from an overall organizational level or broken down by subgroups or directorates to obtain a deeper level of analysis.

  • What other services are available from the HAS?

    HRTec professionals can provide support using face-to-face, telephonic, or virtual focus groups and/or personal interviews as a method of gathering data. If your organization is gathering small or large amounts of survey comments, we can provide a thorough comment analysis and provide overall summaries or themes.  Additionally, HRTec can assist with organizational action planning and conduct result out-briefs.

  • Does the HAS provide data analytics to their customers?

    Yes, our data analysis team will provide organizations with quality data analytics support and help organizations understand what they evaluated, how to interpret those results and where they should go next​. Additional or deeper level analysis is also available to reference survey demographics against survey factors or results and/or between breakout subgroups.

  • What kind of post analysis reporting will be available from the HAS?

    Various methods of reporting are available: Formal reports/executive summaries, Infographics, Rollup reports of organization or breakout/department level reports, PowerPoint slide presentations, Quantitative (Data) analysis, Qualitative (Comment) analysis, Special analysis (T1/T2 comparison, tier level analysis), Action planning, report review, and assistance with out-briefing.

  • Are consultation service available?

    Yes, consultation services are available upon request. Our consultants have two decades of command climate experience assisting military and federal agency human relations practitioners, survey administrators, and designated leaders throughout all phases of the assessment process.

  • Are different response options available?

    Yes, various response choices are available such as Likert, yes/no, multiple choice, select all that apply, etc. Additionally, HRTec surveys offers different survey branching based on demographics or item responses.

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