Focus Groups / Interviews

Gain a better understanding

Our Team can support organizations by using Focus Groups and/or individual interviews as a method of gathering climate data.

Organizational Climate Assessment

A data-driven and strategic approach that helps to detect, identify, and understand risks and strengths that an organization can leverage to improve the its health and performance. While an organizational survey is a good start to assessing the health of an organization, we suggest including additional methods (e.g., focus groups) to gain a richer understanding of the perceptions of the workforce.

deeper understanding

Focus groups and/or individual interviews can be used to obtain a deeper understanding of concerns of those who will help the organization achieve its goals.

obtaining additional data

Whether using focus groups as a follow on method of obtaining additional data or using interviews as the only way of gathering climate data, HRTec can conduct face-to-face, telephonic or video conferencing sessions.

maintaining confidentiality

We can document the findings of focus groups or personal interviews and brief out their objective findings while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity.

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