Survey Options

Designed with your needs in mind.

We assist in gathering the specific data needed to improve your organization’s climate.

various types of survey methods

It’s still a good practice as a business or organization to rely on various types of survey methods to discover what customers or employees want, or are lacking in order to succeed and achieve their ultimate goals.

•  Workforce Climate

•  Customized / Tailored Survey

•  Rapid Response / Pulse Survey

•  Focus Groups / Interviews

Whether the type of survey is for:

•  Department of Defense / DEOCS Follow Up

•  Federal Agencies/FEVS Follow Up

•  Law Enforcement

•  University / Campus

•  Ministry

•  Commercial / Non-Profit

•  Your Established Survey on Our Platform

makes all the difference

•  We can help your organization understand how these kinds of questionnaires can make all the difference in determining success or failure.

•  All surveys can be conducted from an overall organizational level or broken down by subgroups or directorates to obtain a deeper level of analysis.

•  HRTec operates a DoD, DHS, and GSA endorsed/approved FedRAMP ready High Baseline Infrastructure and Platform as a service solution that provides our customers with a Confidentiality HIGH, Integrity HIGH, and Availability HIGH secure environment.

Types of Survey Options