Survey Options

Designed with your needs in mind

We assist in gathering the specific data needed to improve your organization’s climate.

Various Assessment Options

It is good practice to rely on various types of listening strategies to identify critical drivers for workplace improvements.

• Workforce Climate Survey (WCS)

•  All-In@Work DEIA Survey

•  Federal Organizational Climate Survey (FEOCS)

•  FEVS Follow-up

•  Customized / Tailored Survey

•  Rapid Response / Pulse Survey

•  Focus Groups / Interviews

Whether the type of survey is for:

•  Department of Defense

•  Federal Agencies

•  Law Enforcement

•  University / Campus

•  Ministry

•  Commercial / Non-Profit

•  Your Established Survey on Our Platform

makes all the difference

•  We can help your organization select the best assessment option to measure progress on your initiatives and goals.

•  All surveys and assessments can be conducted from an overall organizational level or broken down by subgroups or directorates to obtain a deeper level of analysis.

•  HRTec operates a DoD, DHS, and GSA endorsed/approved FedRAMP High Baseline Infrastructure and Platform as a service solution that provides our customers with a Confidentiality HIGH, Integrity HIGH, and Availability HIGH secure environment.

Survey Options

FEVS Follow-up Survey

Our FEVS Follow-up provides in-depth analysis based on improvement areas identified in your organization’s FEVS results. While FEVS results offer valuable insights into employees’ perceptions, they often lack the context needed to understand the reasons behind employees’ responses or the originating section or directorate of concern.

HRTec’s versatile assessment system evaluates the perceptions of employees at all levels within the organization, including sections, directorates, and geographically separated offices. Our approach identifies gaps between current and desired outcomes without resorting to redundancies, lengthy surveys, or high costs. Further, our assessment system has the flexibility to add short answer questions that encourage employees to elaborate or contextualize your agency’s biggest pain points.

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey
Survey Options Action Planning

Listening Strategies / Action Planning Workshop

Listening strategies often contain a combination of an annual census survey, short pulse checks, action polls, and/or individual interviews or focus groups.

HRTec can help you understand and use the information collected to prioritize potential areas of future effort. Through guided discussions, we can help your organization generate ideas for action and help identify realistic goals likely to have real impact on the DEIA work environment.

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