Workforce Climate Survey

Attitudes and behaviors ultimately affect the bottom line results!

The Workforce Climate Survey (WCS) evaluates employees’ connection to their workplace from three perspectives: Organizational, Social, and Cognitive climates. The results provide insights into engagement levels and factors affecting your workforce, making it easy to tie the results to action items. We also provide the option to assess individual subgroups/directorates.

Workforce Climate Perspectives


Our system is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of our customers. We provide you the options of adding Locally Developed Questions (LDQs) and/or open-ended Short Answer Questions (SAQs) to your WCS.

Post Survey Services

We offer several analytical services that will identify subgroup differences, provide a deeper level of understanding of survey results, uncover trends to determine if the climate has improved since your last assessment, and recommend strategies based on benchmarking research best practices.


Our social science experts have partnered with practitioners in the field to identify three critical components of an organizational climate that can be conceptualized into a comprehensive model.


By measuring climate, we get a good understanding of what is driving the attitudes and behaviors that ultimately affect the bottom line results that executives care about – organizational outcomes.

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