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Through our previous long-term contractual partnership with the Department of Defense, our team of assessment experts worked side-by-side with each Service component. We ensured the Services met DoD and Service-level command climate requirements while also providing timely results with actionable recommendations that ultimately improved the workplace and unit’s mission effectiveness.

While no longer contractually responsible for administering the DoD climate assessment program, we continue to offer various assessment services that can be used towards actively managing, improving, and maintaining a positive command climate.

  • Command Climate Survey Follow-up
  • All-In@Work DEIA Survey
  • Pulse/Tailored Survey
  • Comment Analysis
  • Focus Group/Personal Interview
  • Action Planning
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Command Climate Survey Follow-up

Tailored specifically for DoD organizations seeking supplementary information following their annual Command Climate Survey administration, this follow-up survey offers a flexible and customized approach to delve deeper into an organization’s highest negative and/or positive scores. This allows units to pinpoint and elaborate on areas of concern or success effectively.

All-In@Work DEIA Survey

People can do their best work when they are able to bring their whole selves to work. To assist organizations in advancing their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) goals, we developed a science-backed survey. This assessment aids in tracking and prioritizing DEIA objectives by gauging employees’ experiences relating to Leadership Behaviors, Employee Voice, Employee Wellbeing, and Barriers to Inclusion.

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