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HAS FEOCS LabelFederal Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (FEOCS):  For two decades, we have actively supported Federal Agencies and Commissions by providing a confidential, management-requested, organization driven, survey focusing on issues of equal employment opportunity and organizational effectiveness.  This survey provides a deeper look at subordinate sections and directorates and can address other subject area that are relevant and impact your specific organization. https://www.feocs.net

FEVS Follow-Up: Created exclusively for Federal Agencies looking to acquire follow-up information to their recent required FEVS administration.  The FEVS follow-up survey presents a flexible customized approach to narrow down or expand upon an organizations highest negative and/or positive scores.

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Federal Organizational Climate Survey (FEOCS)

The FEOCS core survey contains 60 items that measure 13 climate factors: 6 related to Equal Opportunity and 7 to Organizational Effectiveness. The FEOCS can be completed online from any computer (government or personal), smart phone, or tablet with an internet connection. FEOCS reports are generated within 72 hours and results will help identify similarities or disparities in experiences among employees, making it easy to tie the results to action items.

FEVS Follow-up

Tailored specifically for Federal Agencies seeking supplementary information following their FEVS administration, the FEVS follow-up survey offers a flexible and customized approach to delve deeper into an organization’s highest negative and/or positive scores. This allows agencies to pinpoint and elaborate on areas of concern or success effectively.

All-In@Work DEIA Survey

People can do their best work when they are able to bring their whole selves to work. To assist organizations in advancing their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) goals, we developed a science-backed survey. This assessment aids in tracking and prioritizing DEIA objectives by gauging employees’ experiences relating to Leadership Behaviors, Employee Voice, Employee Wellbeing, and Barriers to Inclusion.

FEVS Follow-up Survey

Our FEVS Follow-up provides in-depth analysis based on improvement areas identified in your organization’s FEVS results. While FEVS results offer valuable insights into employees’ perceptions, they often lack the context needed to understand the reasons behind employees’ responses or the originating section or directorate of concern.

HRTec’s versatile assessment system evaluates the perceptions of employees at all levels within the organization, including sections, directorates, and geographically separated offices. Our approach identifies gaps between current and desired outcomes without resorting to redundancies, lengthy surveys, or high costs. Further, our assessment system has the flexibility to add short answer questions that encourage employees to elaborate or contextualize your agency’s biggest pain points.

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey
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